story of my life

If I could choose anyone to write my biography, I think I would choose my best friend Katherine. Kat and I have been friends since we were freshman in high school. My memory is a little hazy on the exact time we met, but the thing I remember the most about that time is how outgoing Katherine was. We didn’t go to the same high school; she went to a private school and I public. Our lives were very different but so similar in ways. Our friendship truly started the summer of 2009 at 220 church camp in Texas. I was a shy person new to youth group, and Kat was an outgoing prankster who knew everyone.
We quickly became friends and soon her friend group became my friend group. To this day, I am closer with the girls I met in youth group than I am with anyone I went to high school with. I am forever grateful that those Wild Women of God took me in as their own.
The biggest reason would be because she knows me. She knows who I was before I became the woman I am today. She knows the struggles I faced in high school, and the struggles I continue to face today. She is the friend who has offered to let me stay in California with her, rent free, just so I can move out of Louisiana in search of something better.
Katherine knows everything about me. We went our separate ways for college, and now she lives across the United States, but that doesn’t stop us from giving each other every detail about our lives. She is the friend who I don’t have to talk to every day to validate our friendship. Sometimes we go months without talking, but when we do finally catch up, it’s like we never were apart.
Katherine graduated from university with a degree in English. She is the best writer I know. She is a talented musician and lyricist. This is one of the many reasons why I would want her to be my biographer.
She has never once judged me for my lifestyle. Ok, maybe she would judge me for wanting to go to Vans Warped Tour in high school but I forgive her.
She took me into her home for a week when I decided to fly to California for Thanksgiving instead of spending the holiday with my parents.
We have laughed together, and we have cried together. We have obsessed over silly boys, and we took a vow to swear them off for the rest of our lives. Katherine is the one person I can always count on, no matter what time of the day it is because she never really sleeps.
She has supported me in everything that I have done, just as I support her in everything she does.
She is my best friend. I can’t even put into words how much she means to me. I don’t want a wedding, but if I did, she would be on the list to be my Maid of Honor.
If I could choose anyone to tell the story of my life, it would be Katherine. What better person to get than someone who knows you better than you know yourself?



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