Pit bulls are not always dangerous

There is a news article from Utah that tells the story of an 8-year-old boy hopping his neighbors’ fence to retrieve a ball that had gone over into the other yard. When the boy landed in the yard, three pit bulls attacked him. He was bitten and dragged a few feet before his mom made it to the yard to save him.
The mom says in the article that the young boy is not supposed to go into the neighbors yard without permission, and the neighbor says the boy never asked for permission to retrieve his ball. At the end of the article the mom says she is upset nothing is being done about the dangerous animals that attacked her son after he hopped the fence.
The pit bulls have been marked as dangerous, and there will be further discussion to see what should be done.
The boy is young, but should know right from wrong. He was told not to go into the neighbors yard without permission, yet he decided to jump the fence without permission anyway. Sure, he is a young kid and most likely didn’t think anything of it, but because of his actions he is now hurt and has put the lives of his neighbors’ pets at stake.
It is no secret that pit bulls have a bad reputation. The breed is commonly referred to as the most dangerous and aggressive breed just because they are commonly used as fight dogs.
The ASPCA has a position statement on pit bulls that explains how these animals got their reputation. According to the statement, pit bulls today are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog — a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls and other large animals around the face and head. Baiting large animals was outlawed and humans turned to fighting their dogs against each other. To produce the best fighting dog possible, people started to cross breed the original bull baiting dogs with smaller, quicker terriers.
The website says the dogs were handled by the people and were trained to not be aggressive towards humans, and if they showed aggression they were killed. The pit bulls we see today were literally made to be fighting dogs.
The statement goes on to say that while these animals were mostly bred to fight, there were some that were bred specifically for human companionship.
The dogs we see today have been cross bred so many times, it is sometimes hard to really know if you are getting a pure- bred dog.
Animals are wild no matter how much we as humans try to domesticate them. When you have three or more dogs together, they will develop a pack mentality that is in their instinct. They will work together to protect their domain when they feel threatened.
There were three dogs on the other side of the fence. The little boy unknowingly threatened the pack when he jumped the fence into the animal’s territory. They are animals and did not know that it was just a little boy trying to get his ball; they saw an intruder invading their property and protected it.
The mother of the child wants something to be done to the dogs for attacking her son, but the dogs really did nothing wrong. The dog owners took the precautionary measures to prevent something like this happening. The boy decided his fate when he did not ask permission before entering someone else’s yard.
The blame should not be on the dogs, but on the boy. I am sad to hear this has happened to him and I hope he makes a speedy recovery, but maybe it is time for him to learn how to obey rules. The dogs did what any animal would do when they feel threatened in their home; they protected it.
Pit bulls are not as dangerous as we make them to be. They are just products of generations of cross breeding and like any other dog they are man’s best friend.

This originally appeared in The Ruston Daily Leader


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  1. I do not buy the idea that pit bulls are dangerous. I have known many sweet pit bulls in my life. In my experience they are no more aggressive than any other dog. In many cases idiot people have mistreated them and forced them to fight — but innately pit bulls are great dogs 🙂

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