Nothing but positive energy

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to write for a long time. I have gone through a list of topics that I want to write about, but none seemed appropriate for my first blog post. I’m still not sure where I want this to go even as I am typing. One thing I do know is that I am looking forward to a bright and positive spring. I am done with school so that means my only responsibility is to go to work and pay my bills. Sure I need to start applying for jobs because that is important, but I am also looking forward to not having to juggle school and work and everything else. I am going to use this time to focus on myself and really try to figure out what my next step in life will be.

I intend to read more books, and write more blog posts. Reading has always been a passion of mine, but I haven’t been able to read  much since starting college. I believe reading more will eventually help me to develop a better writing style.
I want to write more blog posts because I won’t get better at writing until I actually start writing and publishing. I don’t know what my niche is going to be, so this blog will be a way for me to hopefully find what it is I love writing about the most. Maybe it will be my dog, Ginger, or maybe it will be about traveling. Whatever it may be, I’m excited to see what the next chapter of my life will bring.

One of my roommates recently moved out and I think her moving out has changed how I am viewing this change. She brought nothing but bad energy to the house. She was a chaotic roommate who didn’t really contribute much. Sometimes she was a good person, but for the most part I am glad she left. Ever since she moved her things out of the house, everything just seems more bright and fresh. There is a different vibe in the house, and I hope it carries over into my life.

I want these next few months of my life to be light and fresh. I am a recent college graduate who has lots of ambitions with no idea on how to get started, but for now I am going to enjoy this short lull in my life.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy!





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